Facial Cupping

Michael Phelps cupping on your face? I tried the ancient beauty treatment For reasons I can't quite wrap my head around, I'll happily saddle up to a 50,000-megawatt laser at the dermatologist's office even if it starts with face-numbing cream that leaves me looking like a zombie. While I'll fry and needle my skin without fear, there's one treatment that truly terrifies me: facial cupping. I tried facial cupping and lived to tell the tale Maybe it has something to do with the bruises I've seen on the likes of Michael Phelps and Gwyneth Paltrow? I imagine those big, splotchy, circular bruises, but on my face yikes! As it turns out, my initial judgment was a bit premature. More on that later. The ancient practice of cupping uses suction cups directly on skin to promote circulation and relieve muscle tension. When it comes to the face and jawline, the practice even claims to help with sinus congestion and headaches.

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