After becoming the youngest property registrar at the age of 24, Rajoy is back at his old job nearly three decades later, in a location that is a retirement favorite for thousands of people who are attracted by its sunny climate and beaches. Santa Pola is currently run by a coalition of four leftist parties with a Socialist Party (PSOE) mayor at the helm, Yolanda Seva. This new government, formed following the municipal elections of 2015, ended three straight terms of absolute power by the PP under Miguel Zaragoza, who recently resigned all his public positions after being targeted in a corruption investigation and arrested. Rajoy outside the Registrar's Office in Santa Pola. Mònica Torres EL PAÍS Santa Pola is a highly desirable placement for registrars. Alicante province tops property-sale charts in Spain, both in absolute and relative terms. According to official data, there were 34,631 properties sold there last year: 5,407 new homes and 29,224 existing homes. In the first quarter of 2018 sales reached 10,232 and there is an upward trend. The Valencia Registrar Association says it has no specific figures about each office. But some estimates made a decade ago already figured that the Santa Pola office was doing brisk business, making in the range of €1.3 and €1.8 million a year.

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