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(Full disclosure: a more recent venture, Goop magazine, is published in partnership with Condé Nast, which owns GQ.) Paltrow’s incontrovertibly a powerhouse businessperson, no matter where you land on the quackery factor. Which, yeah...depending on your trust in the ethereal, the spiritual, the existence of chi and centered-ness and cosmic energy, the quackery is still there. As Quartz discovered , a bunch of the supplements available on Goop's site were also available on Infowars, Alex Jones’s emporium for conspiracy-theories and alt-right wellness. And back at the summit, a psychic medium named Laura Lynne Jackson told an audience at In Goop Health that “death does not exist"—which would be a intriguing philosophical addition to the syllabus of a conference so dedicated to preserving vitality if Jackson weren't being very literal. She believes she can commune with the dead, and I watched as she did a live session, reaching out to the deceased relatives of crowd members. “This might end in tears,” Jackson said. It did. She started by asking a middle-aged woman a series of questions that all seemed vague and open-ended enough to provide decent escape hatches if they didn’t land. Jackson's performance was powerful. Really.

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